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    About XPERT Driving School

    XPERT Driving School has grown very quick due to professional traning in northern virginia, in very short period of time we taught hundreds of people to drive, it is little wonder that XPERT Driving School is now considered by many as the professionals in the business.

    In today’s changing business environment XPERT Driving School has always been able to stay ahead of its competitors through its commitment to quality and professional driver education.

    We believe you learn to drive by driving, not watching. At XPERT driving school the focus is on you. We value our students, their safety and their training. XPERT driving school does not compromise this to save money by training several students in a car at same time. Your training is too important to us.

    XPERT Driving School policy guarantees the performance of its instructors. As true professionals we offer you driver training at its best.

    Individual and personalized driving lessons are the basis on which we build confidence in our learner drivers. Unlike many other schools we only instruct not more than three students at a same time and we give same time to each student per lesson.

    We teach best techniques & working through the various training levels, you can finesse your driving style step by step, from the basics of vehicle control to professional driving skills. in driving you not only need advanced technology, you also need a solid repertoire of driving techniques. To push the limits, you firstly have to explore your own.


    We are proud of our quality of lessons and ability to build strong relationships with our students, reflected by the high number of students every year referenced by our satisfied students.